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Inflation and Fair Wages

In recent days, we have seen the right and left wars on Cost of living. It got me to thinking. There are always going to be different levels of reimbursement for services rendered, or goods delivered. That is all well and good, we can deal with that. It encourages personal development, and higher goal setting. Then as of late, there has been a deep drop in the cost of fuel. They claim it was caused by oversupply and lower usage. It had not evolved much more than a few weeks into it, when big oil started screaming, it was going to necessitate massive lay-off and huge cut backs. They claimed that Oil must be over $50 per barrel for them to be able to operate above board.(I hate using that word regarding big oil, I doubt they have ever been above board). Anyway, in some research on another project, I was reminded in 1973, before the oil embargo, oil was $3.00 per barrel,(that’s right, 3, that is no typo). In 1974, after the embargo, it jumped to the outrageous, economy shattering, bankrupting price of $12. per barrel.(Nope that’s no typo either). And now it must be $50+, why? Inflation, that’s why. And who started that inflation, was the people at “Jack-in-the-Box wanting $2.75 per hour, or was it the farmer wanting, XXX number of dollars for his produce or goods, or was it the manufacturer wanting huge prices for his product. Nope, you see, they all have competitors, to force them to stay in a reasonable price range. But what happens, when energy costs soar, employees can’t function, manufacturing goes up, the farmer needs twice as much energy to farm those fields. In short, ¬†energy controls all those things, not even mentioning the transportation by plane train and semi-truck. It wasn’t long in the transportation field, when fuel prices went up, a separate surcharge was added to the bills, above the normal transportation costs. Who do you think swallowed that, nope it wasn’t the trucker, or the warehouse, or the manufacturer, it was you, the consumer. Congratulations, you get to pay that bill. . Big oil, is a victim of this as well, the higher costs it created, came back in a higher price it must pay for drilling and exploration costs, that is one reason it can’t live under $50 a barrel. We also must examine the division of wealth, the salaries of upper management, have grown to a preposterous level. the Gods on Olympus should have lived so good. I believe that the people that make the decisions for a company or a government even, should be rewarded for those services. But there must be limits. When the balance of wealth reaches a certain point, someone is going to suffer for it, and it won’t be the guy at the top. This distribution of Wealth, should be inclusive of all the business world, not just big oil. Look at the CEO’s of Walmart. ¬†Inflation, is literally the extra profit, that big business wants to place on the consumer, to absorb whatever shortfalls might occur in his day to day affairs. It is alone, the Cancer that eats at our economy, and our daily lives In it’s youth, it was discussed at length, that was back when the balloon was small enough to be seen, now that balloon has grown to such size, that it is not noticeable, it has been painted with pictures of our world, the green fields, the skylines of cities, purple mountain majesties, blue skies. Literally, it can no longer be seen, as it now envelopes our very existence. It is not talked about any longer. Our fight for higher wages, is but a futile effort to preserve the plight of the daily worker. It isn’t an answer. Can we role back that inflation, it’s hard to believe possible. The Confederate States of America, in 1864, was living in a highly inflated world, when the Civil War ended. That ended their inflation, I don’t think we want to take that route. I would invite your answers, or solutions, but don’t wait too long.!